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Video and MP3: Facebook&Youtube Video Downloader

What is Save from net?

Created in 2008,, This website user is used to download videos from websites like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo. Using Save From Net on a Computer First, type or in the browser of your computer.



Save From Net Facebook, Youtube

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  • First, open the Facebook application on your phone.

  • Then start the videos you want to download.

  • Click on the three-dot to the right of the video you like. There you click on copy

  • Now type Save From Net in your web browser.

  • This website is free but on this website, you will see a lot of ads. You can close this ad successfully.

  • The URL you copied is to be pasted into the search bar.

  • Then click the start button.

  • Select the video you want to download in any resolution and click on download.

  • This way your favorite video will be downloaded.

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Can you download a video from Facebook?

Yes, you have to go to save from net to download the video from Facebook and follow the rest of the steps as above. Is Savefromnet safe to use? Yes, it’s 100% safe. SaveFrom is checked by Norton Safe Web and trusted by millions. Where do I download Facebook videos? Follow the steps above to download the Facebook video.

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