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Seva Sindhu Portal New Registration Process and Status 2023

The Seva Sindhu portal has been launched by the Government of Karnataka for providing information about the government and non-government services to the residents of Andhra Pradesh.

Using this portal, residents of Karnataka get benefits of a variety of services provided by the Government of Karnataka. But if you want to get the benefits of the government services through this portal then you have to register in the portal first.

What is the Seva Sindhu portal?

Seva Sindhu portal is a special portal that provides single window services to users. The Government of Karnataka designed this portal for providing government services to the residents in one place.

Seva Sindhu portal specially provides facilities to G2C, B2C, G2B means Government to Customer, Business to Customer, Government to Business. By using the Seva Sindhu portal one can get full information about government plans and can perform other government works.

This portal creates transparency between the residents of Karnataka and the government.

Benefits provided by Seva Sindhu portal

Seva Sindhu portal provides numerous benefits to the migrant workers and the residents of Karnataka. The benefits of the Seva Sindhu portal have been mentioned below.

Seva Sindhu portal provides detailed information about government plans of different categories in one place.

Using this portal, the residents of Karnataka can get a variety of government services on their mobile without making any effort.

Through the Seva Sindhu portal users can get the benefits of government plans anytime and anywhere. Residents can also apply to any govt plan by using this portal.

The residents of Karnataka can also get benefits of the Seva Sindhu portal and other government plans from the panchayat. Because the Seva Sindhu portal has made everything transparent.

The best feature of Seva Sindhu portal is that users can ask their queries in the help desk. If users get any trouble in any plan provided by the government then they can make their complaint to this help desk.

Seva Sindhu portal not only provides services to the recipient they also provide services to the different government sectors also.

By making a single Windows service portal, the Government of Karnataka helps the different departments of government to a great extent.

After applying in the Seva Sindhu portal the residents can get the services of other plans also.

With the help of the Seva Sindhu portal, the government can get an accurate analysis of the plants and services provided to the residents.

If anyone wants to get the benefits of the Seva Sindhu portal then they have to register in this portal.

How to use the Seva Sindhu portal ?

If you are a resident of Karnataka then you can use the Seva Sindhu portal. For using the services of Seva Sindhu portal you have to do registration in the portal first. Then you can access the services provided by the Seva Sindhu portal. You can also track your application through this portal also.

How do I register for the Seva Sindhu portal ?

The registration process of the Seva Sindhu portal is very easy. Anyone can register in this portal very easily. The Step by step registration process of Seva Sindhu has been shown below.

If anyone wants to register into the Seva Sindhu portal then they have to go to the official website of

When you reach the website, You will get an option of department and service on the home page. After getting the option click on it.

After clicking on that option you have to fill your information in the new page.

When you complete filling information in the page, click on the submit button.

After clicking on the submit button your registration process will be completed.

What is the process of online registration in karnataka driving scheme under the Seva Sindhu portal ?

If you are a resident of Karnataka and you are a rickshaw or car driver then you can get the benefits of karnataka driving scheme. The process of online registration in Karnataka driving scheme has been mentioned below.

To register in the karnataka driving scheme first you need to go to the official website.

When you reach the official website, the home page will be open.

After that click on the option of distribution of compensation to auto-rickshaw drivers/taxi drivers in covid-19 scheme.

When you click on that option a new page will be open. On this page you will get a registration option. Now click on this option.

For doing registration in this scheme applicants have to fill in information about themselves like their name, Aadhar card number, PAN card number, mobile number, email address, driving licence and so on.

After filling all the details about yourself click on the submit button.

When you click on the submit button your registration process will be successfully completed.

How do I track my Seva Sindhu application?

If applicants want to track or check the status of my Seva Sindhu application, they can track their application in this way.

For tracking the application, go to the official portal of Seva Sindhu.

After reaching the home page users will get an option to check the application status. Click on that option.

When you click on that option a new page will appear. In this page you will get two different options like application reference number or using OTP application details. Users can choose the option according to themselves.

After filling the application number, fill the CAPTCHA code and then click on the submit button.

When you click on the submit button your application status will appear on the screen.

Is Seva Sindhu mandatory?

It’s not mandatory for every resident of Karnataka to register in the Seva Sindhu portal. Residents can register as per their will.


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