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TNPDS:Tamil Nadu Ration Card List Check 2024

TNPDS Smart Ration Card list 2024 |

Tamil Nadu has already begun the process of issuing digital ration cards. Tamilnadu Government has started the TNPDS Ration Card plan for digitizing ration cards. Tamil Nadu citizens need to apply online for a TNPSD Tamil Nadu ration card. ration card plan, the application form can be submitted and distribution of ration card will be done through online mode.

The Tamil Nadu digital ration card is called TNPSD. The State Government of Tamilnadu started the concept of digital ration card for encouraging the plan of PM smart India or Digital India. Through this digital ration card, ration card holders will get all the benefits which they got before from hard copy Ration Cards.

Types of digital ration cards to its

The Government of Tamilnadu has distributed 4 different types of digital ration cards to their citizens. The name and description about the ration card has been mentioned below.

Fair Price Shops (FPS) - through this digital ration card the government distributes rice and other commodities, Fair Price Shops or light green cards issued.

White ration card - The white ration card holder will only have 3 kg of rice. Because the government has limited the distribution of rice to only 3 kg for this Kota.

No Commodity Card – Tamil Nadu citizens who don’t have any right to take at Otidi the PDS. They will not get any commodity ration card.

Khaki card – Khaki card has been distributed to police families who have the rank of inspector or above.

purpose of introducing Tnpsd Tamil Nadu ration cards

The objective behind implementing Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card or digital ration card has been shared below.

Through the implementation of

Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card, government tries to prevent fraudulent practices.

The conversion of paper to digital ration cards has eliminated the cost of paper.

Because of the digital ration card the printing and distributing charge has also reduced to a great extent.

Citizens of Tamilnadu can easily apply for a Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card with their smartphones.

The government has been hoping that the implementation of the Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card will create transparency between the government and the citizens.

What are the important documents for applying Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card ?

If you are the citizen of Tamilnadu and want to apply Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card or digital ration card then you must have these documents –

  1. Aadhaar Card

  2. Pan Card

  3. Income certificate

  4. Electricity bill

  5. Bank passbook

  6. Cast certificate

  7. 2 scanned copy passport size photo.

So if you have this document then you can easily apply for a Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card.

How can one apply for a TNPSD Tamil Nadu ration card?

To get the Tnpsd tamil nadu ration card through online mode you have to follow the given steps.

To apply Tnpsd Tamil Nadu ration card, you have to visit the official website of TNPDS department of Tamil Nadu.

After reaching the home page, click on the smart card application option appearing on the top right side of the screen or you can directly go to the page through the direct link.

First you have to register yourself in the portal.

Then fill all your details in the application form.

After filling the documents attached all your scanned document proof like Aadhaar card, pan card, gas or electricity bill.

Now review the application form and then click on the submit button.

Keep the reference number with yourself for future use.

You can apply for Tnpsd Tamil Nadu ration cards this way.


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