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PM Kisan Beneficiary List Verification Deadline 2024

Are you a PM Kisan beneficiary? Understand the latest verification deadline to avoid losing instalments. Check your status, update details

PM Kisan Beneficiary List
PM Kisan Beneficiary List

Why is PM Kisan Beneficiary List Verification Important?

  • Ensures Eligibility: Prevents payments going to ineligible beneficiaries, and safeguards government funds.

  • Accurate Records: Maintains updated land ownership details, crucial for proper assistance schemes.

  • Data Integrity: Helps identify discrepancies and errors for smooth program administration.

PM Kisan Beneficiary List Verification
PM Kisan Beneficiary List Verification

PM Kisan Beneficiary List Verification Deadline

  • Current Deadline: Update deadline information with the most recent official announcement. Keep this section prominent, as deadlines are subject to change.

  • Where to Find Deadline Updates: Official Website (, relevant government social media, SMS alerts.

  • Consequences of Missing the Deadline: Potential stoppage of future instalments until verification is done.

How to Verify Your Beneficiary Status

  1. Visit the PM Kisan Portal: Go to

  2. Farmer's Corner: Find the "Beneficiary Status" or "Beneficiary List" section within the Farmer's Corner.

  3. Required Information: Have an Aadhaar number, registered mobile number, and/or account details on hand.

  4. Check Your Status: See if your name appears on the list and if the details are accurate.

How to Update Incorrect Details

  • Contact Your Lekhpal/Patwari: They are local records officials responsible for updates.

  • Visit Your CSC/Agriculture Office: Common Service Centers (CSCs) or state agriculture offices often facilitate corrections.

  • PM Kisan Helpline: Utilize official helpline numbers listed on the website for guidance.


Adhering to the PM Kisan beneficiary list verification deadline is crucial for continued instalment disbursement. Ensure your details are accurate for seamless enrollment.  By taking proactive steps, you can secure benefits and help strengthen the integrity of this crucial income support program for farmers.

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