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What is Hacking? How to become a hacker?

There are a lot of movies and videos available on the internet on which you can see the hackers, hacking the various devices and appliances within a few seconds, it seems to be very easy to hack the devices and the electronic appliances while watching them. If you are interested in hacking or you want to learn hacking, let me tell you that it is not a piece of cake and for doing so you will have to work hard a lot.

There are a few ways by which you will be able to be a hacker, you will have to earn the various hacking skills for being a skillful hacker and after being a hacker you will be able to serve your Nation as well as you will be able to work with private organizations.

If you are interested in knowing what hacking is, how to learn to hack, etc. Stay tuned for the article.

Who is a hacker?

There is a lot of hacking enthusiasts wanting to be a hacker but they don't know who is a Real hacker is. A hacker is a person who can access the data of any other person or organization without its permission.

A hacker uses his skills and knowledge for doing so. High-skilled and experienced hackers can easily penetrate the systems of other users or organizations. If you want to be a hacker you will have to be connected with the hacking tools used by the hackers.

Types of hacker

There are a lot of known and unknown hackers all over the world and all the hackers are categorized into three main types.

The classification of the hackers is done based on the rules and regulations followed by them and the type of work done by them. The three major types of hackers are -

white hat hacker

White hat hackers are that hackers who are are following all the rules and regulations determined by the government and private organizations. White hat hackers work for or the nation or the private organization for protecting them against harmful hackers or hacking organizations.

black hat hackers

Black hat hackers are that hackers who use their skills for their profit. Black hat hackers are also considered cybercriminals or bad hackers. Black hat hackers don't follow any laws, rules, and regulations determined by the government. Black hat hackers are not legal hackers.

Grey hat hacker

Grey hat hackers are those hackers who are using their skills and knowledge in the wrong way for helping other people or organizations. Grey hat hackers don't him to harm innocent people.

How to become a hacker?

There are a lot of popular hackers in the world and by knowing them a lot of students get influenced by them. After being influenced to be a hacker, they are in the search for ways to be a hacker.

If you are interested in being a hacker and you don't know how to be a hacker, you should have a look at the courses described below -

Diploma course

There are a lot of diploma courses available on the various private and government organizations that can help you for being a hacker, these diploma courses are UG diploma courses and can be pursued after passing the class 10th.

Bachelors course

Bachelor courses undergraduate courses are offered by the various Government and private institutions, if you are willing to be a well-qualified hacker you should pursue The Bachelor and master courses from well-known universities in India. Bachelors courses can be done after passing class 12th and master courses can be done after completing the bachelor's courses.

Online/offline course

Along with the diploma and bachelor courses, There are several certificate and training programs available for those who want to be a hacker. You can enroll for these online or offline courses and after completing these courses you can be a hacker. If you are in rolling for online or offline courses you will have to work hard more because you will have to cover a lot of topics in a limited time.

Best operating systems for hacking

There is a lot of operating systems available for various devices, you can use the paid or the free operating systems.

If you want to be a hacker, there are only a few ideal operating systems that can be used for hacking. These operating systems are made for making easy hacking.

Kali Linux operating system is an open-source operating system that is considered the best operating system for hacking.

This is a customizable operating system having a lot of tools that can be used for hacking. If you are going to use this operating system you should be knowing the process to use the tools of the OS. This

is a free operating system and it is also known as hackers Paradise.

Necessary skills for being a hacker

It is not easy to be a hacker, if you want to be a hacker there should be some skills within you. If you are not having such skills it will be hard to be our hacker for you. Here is the list of skills that you should have for being a good hacker-

Curiosity for tools

If you want to be a hacker you will have to be curious about the tools that are being used for hacking. You will have to collect a lot of information about the tools and you will have to update your tools periodically.

Learn programming languages

You will have to develop the skill of learning new programming languages if you want to be a good hacker, there are a lot of programming languages used for hacking. There are some basic languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, C, C++, etc. You should know such languages.

Skill to connect various devices.

The skill of connecting the various devices is also one of the most needed skills for being a hacker. If you are having this skill you can easily connect the various devices and it will help you to penetrate the target easily.


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